Appliance Repair Warranty

We are absolutely confident about our quality of work and parts we use and we want to make sure your appliances will work  with no troubles for a many years. We back up all of our repairs and we offer one of the most competitive warranties in the appliance repair industry.

What is Covered

  • 90 Day Limited Warranty on parts and labor. For the first 90 days, we will provide a free on-site service call for your appliance if the repairs are related to the original service.
  • If your appliance has any other problems (new problem unrelated to your first visit issue) within 90 days from the day of original repair, we promise to fix it with a 25% discount on labor for the second service call.
  • We warrant any parts installed on your appliances from the original date of service unless otherwise stated during this 90 day period.
  • The original receipt must be retained for proof of warranty.
  • Non-payment of service voids any warranties.
  • We will service your appliance on-site, within our normal service area only.
  • At our option, we will repair your appliance with like and/or similar parts.
  • If the appliance is serviced, opened or otherwise tampered with by anyone other than ArchAngel Appliance, either before or after our visit, this warranty becomes null and void.
  • There is a 25% restocking fee for returned parts of due to change of mind on repairs or installs.
  • In the event you request a refund, we will charge $30 for each service visit and refund the difference.
  • In the event we are assisting you with a warranty call and we need to visit your home more than 3 times we may request a $20 gas charge to assist on subsequent visits.