Caring for and Maintaining a Sub-Zero Refrigerator

Sub-Zero is well-known for being a manufacturer of high-quality appliances. The company has a long-established history, being founded as long ago as 1945 in Madison by Westye F. Bakke. One of their specialties is their range of integrated refrigerators. In fact, the company claims that they were the first to develop integrated models back in the 1950s.

Dual-Refrigeration Technology

Sub-Zero refrigerators use a special technology which is called dual-refrigeration. This is known to help keep fruits, vegetables, meats, fish and other produce fresher for much longer than other makes, and has the same advantages for frozen foods in the freezer compartment. The figures and statistics about the amount of food that is wasted due to decay in this country is truly horrifying, and a Sub-Zero integrated refrigerator helps considerably to avoid this waste, keeping foods fresher and edible for much longer than refrigerators made by many other manufacturers.

Stylish and Functional

Consumers also greatly appreciate the stylish looks of Sub-Zero appliances, as they have sleek stainless steel exteriors which look modern and efficient in the kitchen. Kitchen designers often recommend the use of these appliances – but that’s not only because of their good looks. The interiors are particularly well-designed with compartments for specific foods. Although Sub Zero refrigerators are generally larger than most, the interiors have been designed to make the most of the space available so can provide a great deal of fresh food storage space for even the largest family.


Sub-Zero Integrated Refrigerators

Another reason kitchen and interior designers recommend these models is because they can be easily integrated; having the facility to be fitted with the same door finishes as kitchen cabinets. For many years, this completely integrated look has been widely admired and many people prefer this look in their kitchens because this facility means that the refrigerator will suit and decor and any style of kitchen – traditional, contemporary or modern. Many other makes of refrigerator can appear ugly alongside kitchen cabinets, particularly as most fridges are so large. By integrating the appliance, the fridge seems to disappear and has the look of additional cabinets in the kitchen.

It’s true to say that Sub-Zero are among the more expensive appliances on the market today but their efficiency, their gorgeous appearance and the up-to-date technology means that they represent an investment which is well worth the initial outlay. Food is fresher which brings nutritional benefits to your family as well as making meals taste great. Salads and foods that are served raw are kept in prime condition. The fact that these models help greatly towards eliminating the waste of expensive foods makes they outlay represent good value for money and a worthwhile investment.

In real estate circles, it’s well known that buyers prefer homes with stylish and professional appliances. Higher end models can make a home sell faster. Because remodeling a kitchen can be so expensive, a good kitchen with good quality appliances can make or break a house sale. This is yet another reason why many consumers agree that the Sub Zero range offers a worthwhile investment for the home.


However, it’s true to say that no matter what the cost of an appliance, there can always be problems. Although Sub-Zero is known for providing durable and reliable kitchen appliances it would be unreasonable to expect that any model would run without a few problems during its long life. There are several issues that can occur with any integrated refrigerator.

One of these involves the refrigerator’s compressor. This is the most important component which ensures the refrigerator’s smooth running as it has the job of distributing refrigerant throughout the entire machine. These can sometime become overheated, particularly in an appliance that is several years old or integrated closely with other devices. Sub-Zero appliance repair is a specialist job but you’ll find that professional help is available to you if this problem occurs.

The condenser is another component that can cause a problem. If you’ve ever seen the back of a refrigerator, you’ll have seen the condenser coils. These can be affected over time if they become covered in dirt or dust. The manufacturer recommends that the condenser should be cleaned every three to six months and this can be done by the householder; there is no need for a specialist. Although cleaning can prevent this problem, if there is a problem, attention to the coils is better left to experts who specialize in Sub-Zero integrated refrigerator repair.

Sometimes other wear or damage issues can mean that an appliance needs the help of a Sub-Zero appliance repair specialist. A typical example of this is damage to the gasket. This is the seal on the door that keeps the cold air inside the refrigerator and prevents warm air from the home entering the appliance. Be sure to pay attention to this gasket when you are cleaning your refrigerator. Small items of dirt or grit can cause damage if they aren’t removed so it’s a good idea to pay particular attention to this area. The gasket can also be damaged accidentally or can show signs of wear after a few years but this too is a problem that can be solved by consulting your local Sub-Zero integrated refrigerator repair company.

Watch too for the drainage system. The refrigerator generates water which needs to be drained away effectively to ensure that the appliance functions well. With time, these can be damaged or develop small leaks. If your fridge isn’t functioning to the best of its ability, this could be the problem. Ask your technician or expert about this if you think that repairs to your appliance are needed.


A Sub-Zero appliance can be a huge advantage in the home, providing exceptional storage for fresh, healthy foods. The appliances come with an excellent warranty from the company and they are designed to last for many years due to their durable manufacture and high-quality materials. Even when the warranty has expired, your appliance will give you excellent service over many years, particularly if it maintained well. The instruction manual that comes with the appliance will help to keep it in good shape and, should a problem occur, there are expert technicians available that will ensure that your refrigerator is kept in tip-top condition for many more years to come.

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