Sub Zero Refrigerators Heat Up Competitors

The Sub Zero Company is one of the top companies when it comes to kitchen appliances. The company rose in providing commercial quality products in residential kitchen appliances. The Sub-Zero Company was founded by Westye F. Bakke in Madison, Wisconsin in 1945. The Sub Zero Company is one of the top echelon companies when it comes to kitchen appliances. The Sub Zero Company expanded with the Sub Zero Company offering various kitchen products. They provided top shelf and state of the art designs to consumers.

Sub Zero Kitchen Appliances

The Sub Zero Range brand offers an array of products for the kitchen. These high quality kitchen products include cook tops, kitchen stoves, wall ovens, various ventilation products and warming drawers. The Sub Zero brand brings exquisite cooking styles and great technology to the kitchen. The Sub Zero brand has great technology in which it embeds into its products which make them unique. These products compete with other companies offering professional style products in personal home kitchens. The Sub Zero range products compete with the Viking brand, Thermador, and Dacor, to name a few. This genre combines commercial kitchen products and making them convenient for household use The Viking brand exploding on the scene making a new genre of kitchen products, and the Sub Zero brand followed.

Sub Zero Under Counter Refrigerators

The Sub Zero company makes various types of under counter refrigerators. All Sub Zero refrigerators are stainless steel with a nice sleek design. Stainless steel appliances are the top of the line look for most top echelon kitchen appliance companies. Sub Zero makes an outdoor refrigerator, an all refrigerator system, a refrigerator with freezer and refrigerator drawers. The vast amount of different models can be placed anywhere the consumers need it. Having different options for the consumer makes this company a top brand when choosing an appliance company.

The Sub Zero under counter refrigerator unit is great for the outdoors. Consumers with outdoor kitchens choose these models to go with their outdoor settings. When they want to chill water, soda and snacks outside near the matching Sub Zero Wolf grills and warming drawers this is the item they choose. It’s very convenient and fits well with their outdoor layout. These units price around $2500. These models are approved for outdoor use and come in the classic stainless steel finish. This item has to be built into the cabinetry and cannot be freestanding. The outdoor refrigerator unit has excellent electronic controls with an LCD. The outdoor unit also comes with glass shelves that resist spills.


Sub-Zero All Refrigerator Under Counter Unit

The Sub Zero under counter refrigerator unit can be in the master bedroom, game room and anywhere that it’s needed. This unit comes in stainless steel finish and prices around $2000. This unit can be custom fitted with a different cabinet. The all refrigeration unit has the standard easy access electronic control system, spill proof glass shelves, two liter storage for bottles.

Sub-Zero Combination Under Counter Unit

The Sub Zero combination under counter refrigerator brings the full refrigerator at a compact size. This unit has refrigerator and freezer section. It comes in the standard stainless steel finish associated with all the Sub Zero items. This item simplifies life by bringing the full refrigerator in a compact size anywhere you may need it. This unit features a wine storage shelf and cab is custom ordered without or with an automatic ice maker. This item prices around $2400 and is worth every penny. It can store up to 8 wine bottles with the roller glide wine shelf. This wine shelf is faced with natural cherry wood and a three quarter extension for easy access. If you choose the icemaker option it comes with the clear ice bucket.

The Sub Zero combination under counter refrigerator drawers adds great style to your kitchen. These combination drawers are equipped with refrigeration and freezer drawers. The combination drawers price around $4200. The combination drawers offer you the convenience of refrigeration and freezer storage in a compact drawer. These drawers are perfect to add style to certain settings like entertainment centers, recreation rooms, master suites and boardrooms. They offer integrated design for use anywhere in the home. The base unit has upper storage drawer refrigerator and lower storage drawer freezer. The added technology like the alarm letting you know the drawers are left open makes this refrigerator unit stands out. This unit also contains ceiling bright lighting in the drawers the unit integrated design accepts custom wood panels as well as the standard stainless steel.

Sub Zero Under Counter Refrigerator Repair

Being as though the Sub Zero under counter refrigerator is built in and underneath the counter it makes Sub Zero appliance repair more costly. It costs more for Sub Zero under counter repair than it would do for a standalone refrigerator. The cost is pricey but these units do have the best warranties to cover the cost. The Sub Zero Company has two, five and twelve year residential warranty plans for consumers to choose from.

Since Sub Zero is a major brand in the echelon kitchen appliance market getting help for a Sub Zero under counter repair is easy. There are a lot of repair companies that specialize in Sub Zero appliance repair. Sub Zero under counter units have limited complaints from consumers. The common problems are minor, like thermostats and lighting problems.


Once again the Sub Zero brand stands tall with their under counter refrigerator units. They offer an array of different style and types. These units can be placed in different settings and rooms and fit the demand of the consumer. The under counter refrigerator is widely used in large house and outdoors. Those with outdoor patios love to have outdoor refrigerator to keep them from going in and out the household. They are perfect for bedrooms and game rooms for that same reasoning. The Sub Zero company put a lot of technology and style into these appliances, and makes the products worth every penny spent. When you use one of these units, you will be greatly satisfied.

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