Brand Overview

Wolf Range Corporation was acquired by Sub-Zero Freezer brand in the year of 2000. Since the acquisition Wolf brand has expanded their product line to include a larger variety of products to accommodate their customers. Each product is constructed with the highest quality of material, are durable, reliable and eco-friendly. Wolf brand products can be purchased only through an authorized dealer. An authorized Wolf brand dealer can be located on their website.

Brand History

The Sub-Zero Freezer brand was founded in 1945 by Westye F. Bakke. He built the first free standing freezer in the basement of his Madison, Wisconsin home in 1943. In March of 2000 the Sub-Zero Freezer Company acquired the Wolf brand name. The Wolf Range Corporation was a California-based manufacturer which produces several high end kitchen appliances for professional and commercial use. They manufactured a huge variety of refrigeration products such as: professional-style ranges, cooktops and grills.

Wolf brand’s product line includes an array of products such as: kitchen stoves/ovens, ranges, cooktops, wall ovens, microwaves, warming drawers, integration modules and ventilation equipment. Their stoves are sold in the following models: single oven, double oven, convection steam oven.

Wolf Ventilation Styles

There are several different styles of Wolf brand ventilation that can be purchased: cooktop island hood, downdrafts, cooktop wall hood, pro wall hood, pro island hood, pro hood liner, pro wall chimney hood, cooktop low-profile wall hood, cooktop low-profile island hood. You should be mindful of the dimensions and layout of your kitchen before purchasing ventilation equipment for your home.

Features of Wolf Ventilation Equipment

The ventilation equipment is available in heavy duty stainless steel. They also include a heat sentry feature that automatically turns the unit on when heat is sensed and automatically adjusts blower speed for you. Some ventilation units also have a delay-off mode which automatically turns the unit off. Another great feature of Wolf ventilation systems are that they have sealed halogen lighting with three light settings. Also, they have electronic controls mounted on the front of the ventilation a four-speed blower and additional digital display.

A few additional features offered are internal andextra blower options. There are several different types of blower options that are available depending on the ventilation model that you purchase: internal blower, in-line-blower and CFM remote blower.


Wolf Ventilation Repair

Ventilation equipment is greatly known for removing steam, grease, odors and smoke from your cooking area. Although, they are mostly reliable you can experience some issues with them just like any other appliance. Some issues that you may experience with your ventilation system that you are very common are that the ventilation hood does not operate, the blower runs but lights do not operate and the blower shuts off automatically. If you begin to experience any problems with your ventilation system you should consult your user’s manual. In the event that your ventilation system needs repair you can contact a Wolf appliance repair man immediately to prevent further damage to the unit. If you are not skilled in repairs please do not attempt to perform any Wolf ventilation repair yourself. You could be injured or severely damage the equipment.

Wolf Ventilation Repair – Common Solutions

If you are experiencing problems with your ventilation hood or it does not operate then you should do the following: check your household fuse or circuit breaker to see if it has been blown or tripped. In the event that a power outage has occurred this could cause a disruption in service. Next, check to see if electricity is being supplied to the ventilation hood. You should hire a qualified electrician to verify that the hood is connected properly to the electrical circuit.

If your blower is running but the lights are not operating you should check to see if the light bulbs have burned out and need to be replaced. If your blower shuts off automatically you should be aware that Wolf blowers are equipped with an automatic shut off feature. The feature is a thermal overload device which automatically shuts off the motor if it becomes overheated. Once the blower has cooled down it will restart. If for some reason the blower continues to shut off and restart you should contact a Wolf factory certified service technician immediately for further assistance.

Wolf Ventilation Tips

In order to maintain your product in good condition you should perform regular maintenance on your equipment. You should keep your equipment clean. In order to remove your filter for cleaning from your hood, you should push toward the back of the hood and rotate the filter downwards. These filters are constructed of a durable five-layer mesh material. Therefore, they can be placed in the dishwasher or hand washed with a mild detergent or spray degreaser. You should reinstall the filter only when it has dried completely.

You should remember that the filters need to be changed on your unit as well as a part of regular maintenance. They should also be cleaned or washed once per month. Depending on the ventilation model that you purchased, your ventilation system should have a filter clean timer which will let you know when it is time to clean the filter. As an extra safety precaution Wolf ventilation hoods should not be operated without the filter in place. You should consult your user’s manual to find out the type of filter that needs to be purchased for replacement.

Wolf Ventilation Extended Warranties

Wolf ventilation repair or replacement parts can be purchased through the manufacturer’s website. The products are backed by a limited warranty.

If you would like to purchase an additional warranty you may do so through the manufacturer’s website. A two and five year residential warranties are available for purchase. Please remember you should only attempt to repair your ventilation unit if you are skilled in that area. If you attempt to repair your ventilation equipment and damage it, your warranty may be voided. If you are unable to fix your ventilation system yourself, contact a Wolf appliance repair person for further assistance.

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