Wolf Cooktop Repair Service.

Wolf Cooktops – One of a Kind

Sub-Zero is an American brand that manufactures kitchen appliances. They also manufacture their domestic appliances under another name – Wolf. This company was created in 1945 and in 2000 they acquired domestic appliances line of the Wolf Range Corporation. They manufacture professional style cooktops, and grills for the home and for commercial use. The company now sells all kind of appliances for kitchen from kitchen stoves, cooktops, wall ovens, warming drawers to ventilation equipment. Wolf has great information for Wolf appliance repair on their website which helps their users get the most out of their cooktops.

Wolf Electric Cooktops

Wolf manufactures three different kinds of cooktop which includes electric cooktops, induction cooktops and gas cooktops. Wolf offers three different sizes for electric cooktops – 15”, 30” and 36”.

One of the 30” electric cooktops that is offered by Wolf is an amazing product for home or commercial use. It is beautifully designed with a stainless steel trim. It has three heating elements and seven zones which makes it easy to use different size of utensils on this cooktop. All of the elements have True Simmer and one element lets you set the temperature for melting frozen food. It has a lock mode which enables you to lock the cooktop so no elements will be turned on. It has a countdown timer from 1 to 99 and lets you adjust the sound frequency as well as volume.

One of the biggest benefit of having an electric cooktop is that heat is transferred directly to the vessel, whereas in gas cooktop heat can escape from the sides. Wolf utilizes high efficiency electric elements that separates them from conventional cooktop. They are scratch resistant and a have temperature limiter to ensure safe cooking. It does requires a separate, grounded 3-wire service with its separate circuit breaker. Wolf cooktop repair is very easy and they have provided most of the information on their website. You can also order technical service and manuals from their website which have instructions for parts and services.

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Wolf Induction Cooktops

Wolf offers different ranges of induction cooktops including the 15”, 30” and 36” – just like electric cooktops. Induction cooking has been used in Europe for a long time and it’s known for being 90-95% energy efficient.

One of the induction cooktops manufactured by Wolf is the 30” induction cooktop. It has a black ceramic glass surface with is resistant to scratches, stains, and the impact of heat. It have four high efficiency induction elements which give power and offer easy control. It has True Simmer settings for two elements, as well as Melt settings for two elements.

Cookware sensing is another great technology with this cooktop has which means that elements will not be energized without a pan that is not compatible with induction. Just like the electric cooktop it also has a temperature limit to ensure safe and secure cooking. A hot-surface indicator light is integrated into the control panel for easy control and secure cooking.

The Wolf induction cooktop offers high efficiency induction elements and a temperature limiter for child safety; both of these qualities sets it apart from conventional induction cooktops. All the warranty and repair information for Wolf cooktop repair can be found on their website. It is mentioned that under normal use the induction cooktop would not affect the function of a pacemaker, but it is recommended to contact the pacemaker manufacturer for verification.


Wolf Gas Cooktops

Wolf offers three different sizes of gas cooktops, 15”, 30” and 36”. It has a dual stacked burner which uses a 15,000 Btu upper-level burner to give you maximum heat transfer. It is available in classic stainless steel. This one also comes with True Simmer settings on all burners. An illuminated control panel makes it easy for the user to control the cooktop. A seamless drawn burn pan gives it an attractive look, while making your experience as good as possible.

It has four dual stacked, sealed burners with automatic re-ignition on all settings. This unique technology combines all of the components that are located on the burner and puts them in one assembly. This cooktop is available in both natural gas as well as LP. When ordering you can specify if you want LP or natural gas. In order for this cooktop to work you will have to provide a gas supply line of 3/4″ rigid pipe. If you have a smaller size pipe it may cause an insufficient gas supply over time. You will also be required to have a 110/120 V AC 50/60 Hz, 15 amp circuit. If you want an LP gas installation 2621m or natural gas installations above 3124m you will also be required to have high altitude kit. You can get more information by contacting an authorized dealer. Wolf has also supplied service manual for all of their Wolf appliance repair on their website.

Wolf Cooktop Repair

Wolf has provided a contact and support section in their website to help you search for an authorized dealer to get your Wolf appliance repair as well as for information on their other appliances. All of these cooktops are made with stainless steel and you can use non-abrasive cleaner to clean these cooktops. Signature Polish is one of the non-abrasive cleaner that works great to clean these cooktops. If you see silver color on top of your grates it can be removed by using a scrubbing pad or brass brittle brush.

In order to the get the most of your appliances clean everything. You should wash your hands for 20 seconds before and after handling food. Use clean towels and throw away the dirty ones otherwise they will leave the stain. If you have cuts on your hands make sure to use gloves. Replace sponges every few weeks. Clean your plastic or wooden cutting boards thoroughly.

After you cook your meat make sure you let it rest for a while before cutting it otherwise the juice will run out. Cook meat to an internal temperature of 165F (74C) or above, poultry to 180F (82C) or above and make sure to increase the cooking time to 1 1/2 times for frozen meat or poultry. Sanitize your equipment after you have handles meat or poultry. Chlorine bleach is great option to clean the equipment, and always makes sure to avoid cross-contamination.

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