Impressive Wolf Oven Features

Wolf ovens are manufactured by the Sub-Zero company. The Sub-Zero brand is a major manufacturing of kitchen appliances and wine in the United States of America. The Sub-Zero Company was founded by Westye F. Bakke in Madison, Wisconsin in 1945. The Sub-Zero company expanded with the Wolf Company, offering various kitchen products.

The Wolf Range brand offers an array of products like cook tops, kitchen stoves, wall ovens, warming drawers and various ventilation products. These products compete with other companies offering professional style products in personal home kitchens. Wolf range products compete with the Viking brand, Thermador and Dacor, to name a few. The Viking brand exploding on the scene making a new genre of kitchen products, and the Wolf brand followed. This niche combines commercial kitchen products and making them convenient for household use. The Wolf brand brings exquisite cooking styles and great technology to the kitchen.

Wolf Ovens

Wolf ovens range from personal homes to commercial powerhouses. Wolf’s products are for customers who want to improve their cooking experience, not hinder their skills due to equipment not being up to par. They have various styles of ranges and ovens for consumers. They offer residential ranges with ovens and convection built-in ovens. Built-in ovens offered by Wolf are widely known, used, and respected in the cooking community.

Wolf have three different types of built in ovens, The L-Series oven, the E-Series oven and the Steam Oven. They all have different uses, and fit with different customer profiles. The prices of these items range from $4000 to $9000 depending on model and features. The Wolf brand brings more than wall ovens with their variety of stove ranges. The sizes range from 30” to 36”. There is a lot of the same features in the ranges are found in the wall ovens but the wall ovens have more versatility, which makes them more popular.

Wolf L-Series Wall Oven

The L- Series wall ovens are the most basic of the 3 types. It’s the most basic design but doesn’t lack in power and usability. Price ranges from $4000 to $7500. The L-Series varies from 30” to 36”. It is easy to command with rotating control panels. The Wolf L-Series built in oven has a dual convection system with two fans and four heating elements. It pairs nicely with other accessories like the Wolf microwave, which is the exact same size.

Wolf E-Series Wall Oven

The E-Series provide a lot of smart and contemporary designs. The E- Series is available in stainless steel and black glass. Wolf E Series Built-In Ovens feature ten cooking modes and dual convection fans. The built-in design allows the front of the oven to be installed flush with surrounding cabinetry for a more integrated look. The ten cooking modes are bake, roast, broil, convection bake, convection roast, convection broil, convection, bake stone, dehydrate and proof.


Wolf Steam Oven

The Wolf steam oven is the most versatile out of the bunch. Professional cooks love the way the steam oven preserve nutrients and keep food moisturized. Meals that used to require multiple appliances, and multiple pots and pans, can now be prepared beautifully with just one. The automatic modes and customized manual functions eliminate guesswork.

The Wolf Convection Steam Oven delivers precise control. It uses various cooking methods with convection, steam and convection cooking options. Unique technology senses the amount, size, and shape of food once an automatic mode has been selected. This oven eliminates all the guesswork in the kitchen because it monitors the time, temperature, and environment. It offers convection with twelve cooking modes: steam, reheat, auto steam bake, convection, convection humid, convection steam, Wolf gourmet, slow roast, recipes, my recipes, keep warm, descale, and cleanse.

Even thou the Wolf company provide ovens within gas ranges the built-in wall oven is the most popular. The gas ranges have the same unique control and quality of the wolf brands. Gas ranges have great control which eliminates guesswork. The gas convection oven produces the moist heat so coveted by bakers. The infrared broiler, the type used in professional ranges, preheats fast and crisps foods beautifully without overcooking the center.

Wolf Oven Repair

Wolf oven repair and wolf appliance repair is also not a big issue compared to their competitors. They have great technical support for wolf oven repairs and wolf appliance repairs. When researching the competition you will find tons of complaints dealing with the same issues. It’s common to find numerous problems in products, but the Wolf brand stands above the competition in that area. There are some consumers who voice their problems across the World Wide Web but this is les that was is found for their competitors. These ovens are well known, so finding licensed repair people is quite easy.

The Wolf Brand, despite a nice design, has a short history. Their owner, however, has a long history with the Sub- Zero Company and various appliances. The Sub-Zero brand then created the Wolf ovens in the1990’s, following the rise of a company called Viking. The Viking Company introduced professional stoves, ovens and appliances to residential homes. After the Viking brand exploded onto the market many companies followed suit, including the Wolf Brand.

Sub Zero Wolf Ovens

Everything about Sub Zero Wolf ovens is great. They have great customer service and history with their consumers. It’s hard to find frequent problems within the brand. They have great products which are very innovative. They use lots of new technology which makes cooking extremely easy. Smart ovens, which some people refer to them as helps relieve stress from cooking. The Sub Zero Wolf oven cooks differently for different foods, and takes into the account factors that you the chef might miss. The Wolf oven will always be a staple in the high end kitchen market due to their outstanding reputation, customer service and great products. A lot of satisfied customers will continue to purchase Wolf ovens and products, receiving some of the best appliances that money can buy in the bargain.

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