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Sub-Zero Wine Cooler Repair Service


Sub-Zero Brand Overview

Sub-Zero brand has been producing quality products since the late 1940’s. They are best known for manufacturing kitchen appliances including refrigeration and wine preservation products. Sub-Zero products are manufactured and distributed in the USA. The company is also known for manufacturing kitchen appliances under the Wolf brand name.

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Sub-Zero Brand History

The Sub-Zero Freezer brand was founded in Madison Wisconsin by Westye F. Bakke in 1945. He built the first free standing freezer in the basement of his home in 1943. In March of 2000 the Sub-Zero Freezer Company acquired the Wolf brand name. The Sub-Zero Freezer is now in its third generation of family ownership and management. The brand is consistently modifying their product line to meet and exceed their customer’s expectations.

Sub-Zero products cannot be found in your local store. They are sold through dealers. Sub-Zero like many other major appliance brands practice a restrict dissemination of the prices of their products. Their dealers have to adhere to strict guidelines set by Sub-Zero and must closely follow the advertising and pricing procedures that have been set by the company in order to maintain the ability to distribute their products.


What Does Sub-Zero Make?

Sub-Zero manufactures a huge variety of refrigeration and wine preservation products. Their products range from integrated refrigeration, built-in refrigeration, undercounter refrigeration, to wine storage. Their refrigeration products are sold in the following models: side by side, French door, glass door refrigerator and freezer, over and under refrigerator, all freezer, all refrigerator, as well as wine storage and undercounter units.


Various Finishes

Their refrigeration products have a customizable exterior and are available in either stainless steel or overlay. The stainless steel exterior is not only attractive but proves to be more durable, rust resistant, easier to clean, and lightweight. The wine preservation products come in various heights, capacities and finishes. They are available in a stainless steel or overlay and can be purchased as a built in unit or freestanding. The stainless steel products tend to cost a little more than the overlay. Depending on which model you select, the unit can store between 46 and 147 bottles.


Sub-Zero Wine Storage

The wine preservation products are constructed to protect and preserve your fine wines. They contain two independent storage zonescan that can be set in a range of 39°F to 65°F. The wine preservation products also have UV resistant bronze tinted glass which shields your wine from harmful rays. They also have dual evaporators, one for each storage zone. The dual evaporators help maintain steady and moderate humidity. Sub-Zero products also offer a quiet compressor which allows your wine to rest disturbance free. The shelves are constructed with care they are built to glide out smoothly as to not agitate the wine.


Sub-Zero Wine Storage Repair Issues

There are several common issues that can occur with your Sub-Zero wine preservation product. A few signs that you may need to call a Sub-Zero wine storage repair person are when the service light is on, no lights are on or the unit wont cool, condensation forms outside of the unit, when the unit is expelling high temperatures, or when it runs excessively.

Sub-Zero wine storage repair can be either complex or simple. If you encounter a problem with your product and are not sure what to do you should consult your user’s manual. If you don’t find your user’s manual helpful then you should consult a certified professional. Don’t attempt to resolve the problem yourself unless you are skilled and certified to do so. You should leave all major Sub-Zero wine storage repairs to a certified factory service man.


Sub-Zero Wine Storage Repair

Where there is a problem there is a solution. If the service light flashes in the control panel display you should verify that your condenser is clean. If you check the condenser and it is clean then you should turn the unit off at the control panel and then back on again. If the service light indicator continues to flash you should contact a Sub-Zero wine cooler repair person for service.

If there are no interior lights on in your unit you should verify that the power is on. Next, you should verify that the unit is getting electrical power and that the home circuit breaker is on. There is also a possibility that the cabinet lighting may need to be replaced. If this is the case contact a Sub-Zero repair for further assistance. If the unit is not cooling properly you should check to see if a door was left ajar. If a door has been left ajar after an hour the lights would automatically be disabled in order to eliminate excess heat.

When condensation forms outside of the unit it could mean that your condenser needs to be cleaned. If you find that the condenser is clean then you should verify several other things before calling a repairman. First, you should verify that the unit door is closing properly. If the door is not closing properly then you should check the hinges. Second, you should verify that the door has not been left ajar. If the door has been left ajar close it. Third, you should verify that the door gasket does not have rips or tears in it. If it does, you should immediately contact a Sub-Zero factory certified service technician.

If for some reason the unit is expelling high temperatures or is running excessively you should check the following things: that the condenser is clean, the door is closing properly, the door has not been left ajar, the ambient temperature has not increased which can cause the compressor to run longer, or that the unit is in showroom mode. (Consult your user’s manual to determine how to reset the ambient temperature. If the unit is in showroom mode consult your user’s manual to take it out of this mode or contact your local factory certified technician.)


Sub-Zero Wine Storage Warranties

Additional service plans may be purchased through the manufacturer or their independent dealer. Most products come with a one year limited warranty. However, if you purchase an additional service plan it will ensure a longer period of security in the event that an unforeseen repair occurs. Sub-Zero offers a full two-year warranty, full five year sealed system warranty and a limited twelve year sealed system warranty. If you regularly maintenance your product it will maintain the quality of your product. If your product should need repair, contact a Sub-Zero wine storage repair service for assistance.